Concept Films & Editing

In Fall 2020, I had the opportunity to hone in on my editing and filming skills.  I learned that I really enjoy film and editing.  Here are some of my film and editing examples.  I had the privilege to work with four other incredible video producers.  I hope you enjoy!

This concept film is called Blackout.  The concept is that a guy has his girlfriend coming over shortly and decides to shower.  In the middle of the shower the power goes out.  He runs late and his girlfriend ends up leaving.

This concept film is called Deals.  The idea is that a man is being targeted by a hitman.  However, tables turn and the hitman is outsmarted.  I had the privilege to be the Director of Photography for this film.

This concept film is called How to be Hot.  There is a WikiHow page on “how to be hot” and we made a parody of it.

This is the trailer for our final production, The Moines.  It was based on the concept of Portlandia.